Monday, 28 April 2014

Giraffe Socks from Cath Kidston

I received a lovely pair of giraffe socks from lovely Cath Kidston which match my blog!  Everyone knows that it is hard to find a good, comfy pair of stylish socks.  I tried these socks on not expecting much but I was shocked to find how comfy these socks were.  They are such good quality too.  And definitely stylish!

My Sister the Vampire

My Sister the Vampire by Sienna Mercer is about...

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Silent Sunday


Saturday, 26 April 2014

How does your garden grow?

This week has been so rainy and miserable so when I get the chance I run outside and take a few photos before it rains again.  Here are some of the photos I have taken while I have had the chance:

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Odin's b-day!

On the 16th it was Odin's birthday, he was going to be four!  Man, my brothers and sisters grow up quick!
He got lovely presents, here are some of them:

I am sure he had a lovely birthday.  He was smiling the whole day.  He didn't get to open his presents until daddy was back from work, it got him excited waiting and guessing what his presents would be.  His favourite present was...his tiger torch!  I thought it would be his tricycle!  Little things are sometimes best!
 Here are his lovely, beautiful birthday foods:

It was our first time ever making lollies!  It was so fun and we didn't even use lolly moulds (because we didn't have any!)  We made two flavour sherbets to go with them.  Orange and raspberry sherbets!  I made lots of pancakes with Nutella on for lunch.  We (mum!) made sugar free sweet potato brownies which were lush!  Mum made Victoria sponge cake and cupcakes.  And for dinner we had lovely pies.  Everything was home made apart from the pies.
I will be writing the recipes of the things above soon so keep your eyes peeled!  Also you can write a comment below saying which recipe I should make first if you want to.


Monday, 14 April 2014

Middle School - The worst years of my life - by James Patterson

Middle School - The worst years of my life by James Patterson is about a boy called Rafe who HATES school more than anything.  For me because I'm home educated I found this really funny.

Rafe thinks school is like a prison.  He imagines the teachers as guards and pupils as prisoners.  He is sick and tired of following the rules so he decides to make up his own thing called Operation R.A.F.E were he has to break as many rules as he can.  He also gets points and he only has three lives.  He gets the idea of doing this from his imaginary friend called Leo the Silent.  Leo doesn't really talk much.  He just draws things.  His mum finds out about his grades and what he has done at the school and gets really upset.  But Rafe's step dad, who he calls Bear, says to Rafe's mum that she hasn't been hard enough on him.  Bear is really lazy and is always shouting at Rafe and his sister Georgie and never lets them change the TV channel.

So how will Rafe cope with all this going on?  Plus he has to cope with Miller the Killer who is a great big bully who has stolen his privet notepad.  In that notepad he has his Operation Rafe goals.  And he has to buy each page back.  But how will he get the money?

I think this is more of a boys book but I really liked it.  It always keeps you guessing, which I quite like.  I also really liked this book because it had illustrations which makes a change for books for my age.  I really liked this book and would like to get the other ones as well.

Disclaimer:  I was sent this book for free to review, however all opinions and thoughts are my own.


Friday, 11 April 2014

Cath Kidston bags - review

Well my word of the week has to be 'review' because finally I got the chance to do my first ever review thanks to Cath Kidston.

A couple of days ago I received some lovely bags from Cath Kidston.  I am a big fan of Cath Kidston and their bags so you can imagine how excited I was!  I got two bags from Cath Kidston, one was a shopping bag and the other was just a lovely stylish bag!

The shopping bag.

The stylish bag that Imogen wouldn't stop using!
The bags were both excellent quality.  Since I have only got one other bag (which is a Cath Kidston one) they were really useful.  As well as them being useful bags, they are stylish and comfortable.  A lot of bags I find uncomfortable on the shoulder but these feel nice and soft on my shoulder.  Another thing I love about these bags is that they don't fall off my shoulder.
They are also very versatile.  They could be used for anything, putting your swimming stuff in, putting your shopping in, putting your library books in.  They can be used for pretty much anything!
They are really light, so when you have nothing in the bag it feels like holding a feather which is really good because you don't want to be dragging around a big heavy bag.
I really love the bag Imogen is using because it has a little pocket inside that you can put your mobile phone in or something!
There was nothing I didn't like about these bags.  They are both loved by me and my sisters.  I shall be getting more bags from Cath Kidston in the future.  I will be getting these also as presents for the birthdays that are coming up.
I would highly recommend these bags to any girl or woman.
If you want to get these bags then click here and here.

Disclaimer:  I was sent these bags for free to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Reading Residence

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What We Wore on Wednesday

Here I am, just about to go out on my roller blades, wearing a bird tunic from Mini Boden and leggings from Zara.

Giraffe in the Bath

What We Wore on Wednesday - Linky

What We Wore on Wednesday is a very simple linky. It is all too easy to get in a fashion rut and this linky gives you a chance to see what other people are wearing and give you some inspiration.

All you have to do is put a picture on showing what you or your children are wearing, you may want to write about what you are wearing with links to the shops you bought them from or you can keep it simple and just have a photo.

You could be wearing anything, trousers, shorts, dresses or you might just want to show off your latest nails or accessories.  Maybe you picked up a bargain from a charity shop, splashed out on some designer gear or you have made some clothes yourself, whatever it is I want to see it!

The weather is hotting up now and it is great to see all the spring fashion, perhaps you have some clothing or accessories to review which you are welcome to link up here too.

The only rules for this linky are to not link up the same post twice and to display my badge in your post.  Of course the main purpose of a linky is to link up with other peoples' blogs, so when you leave a comment you can use #WWWoW so other people know how you have found their post.

Giraffe in the Bath

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Theme Game - Family

Having a big family means so much to me.  We get to have extra fun because there is more of us to play, cook e.t.c.  I think it is amazing to have a big family because you look after each other.  You have always got someone waiting for you or waiting with you, playing with you.

I love having siblings because that means you get to see them when they are babies (if you are old enough to remember) and see them when they grow up.  If you are both young or you are twins you can grow up with someone.

Having a big family is so special.  Everyone grows up so quickly so remember to enjoy every second of it!

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