Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Luck Uglies - Dishonour Among Thieves by Paul Durham Review + Competition

I cannot stress about how much I love the Luck Uglies - Dishonour Among Thieves by Paul Durham.  I have already reaad and reviewed the first book (which is also amazing!), you can probably tell by now I'm a huge fan of the Luck Uglies books.

This book takes you on a crazy, tense but enjoyable adventure with loads of new people, nice and evil.  Rye finds out so much more about her family whom half of she never knew existed.  If you've read the first book then you'd know that Rye was just friends with Harmless, a man who she'd met in the first book, when she finds out that he is her dad and even more shocking, he is a Luck Uglie! (A Luck Uglie is a group of secretive and advanced people whom have saved Rye's Village more than once).  Not just any Luck Uglie, he's the leader of them but someone else is leading them too and they both want to have more control than the other..

Back in Village Drowning it's not going well, considering there's a feud between Harmless and Sinister Varlet, the masked man that desperately wants to have the Luck Uglies to himself but can't because Harmless is also the leader of them.  Who wants to be in control more?  Who's putting in more effort?  There's a dark curse about and so much more but you'll have to read the book to find out! ;) 

    Remember, it's not easy being targeted as 

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  1. Long time no see :) I remember reading your first review, always good when they can make a sequel just as good if not better. thanks for sharing with #readwithme x


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